List of services provided by the State institution " Republican rehabilitation centre for disabled children".

Перечень медико-реабилитационных услуг, оказываемых центром.

  • Kinesotherapy (including specialized rehabilitation simulators, adapted sports simulators, use of Tekorus, Bobot and Cabot techniques, Gross apparatus, rehabilitation suits "Adelie" and "Atlant"), bicycle school "Angel Solo".
  • Training with the use of diagnostic techniques, planning, development of individual training programs on robotic rehabilitation systems "Timo", "Pablo".,


  • Development of independent walking skills on the simulator "IMITRON".
  • "Dynamic Parapodium."
  • Restorative finger therapy on Amadeo robotic rehabilitation system with feedback «Amadeo»
  • Lower extremities training with electric muscle stimulation on a pediatric ergometer for children from 4 to 12 years old.
  • Relaxing and corrective sand paving
  • Individual and group LFC classes
  • Massage
  • Hydrokinesisotherapy
  • Adaptive Physical Culture


  • laser therapy;
  • light therapy «Bioptron»;
  • EHF therapy;
  • magnetotherapy;
  • darsonvalization;
  • electrotherapy;
  • cryotherapy;
  • system electrostatic massage «HIVMAT».


  • mineral baths, medicinal baths
  • pearl baths;
  • shared whirlpool baths, foot and hand tubs;
  • underwater shower.


  • paraffin, ozokerite applicationsи;
  • modern sauna therapy.

Reflex therapy:

  • classical reflex therapy;
  • laser puncture,
  • EHF punctura;
  • acupressure treatment.

Music therapy:

  • use a relaxation couch with a sound massage.

Technical means of compensation:

  • wheelchairs, walkers, orthoses, tutors.

Перечень социальных и психолого-педагогических услуг, оказываемых центром.

  • Training in self-service, work skills and everyday life skills, and activities to maximize their development in children with disabilities (Montessori programme).
  • Development of independence (independency), social and labor adaptation
  • Ergotherapy (work with clay, graphics, sewing, knitting, macramé, beading, work with skin, computer club)
  • Isotherapy (drawing with pencils, paints, non-traditional methods of drawing: finger paints, stained glass drawing).
  • Work of a teacher-educator (circle activities to develop the creative potential of the child, excursions, visits to exhibitions, cinemas, museums, provision of information and advice to parents)
  • The work of a teacher-psychologist (psychodiagnostics, consultations, individual and group work, trainings)
  • Use of Neural Auditory Stimulation Method ТОМАТIS
  • Correction and development work of a teacher-defectologist
  • The work of a social pedagogue (organization of cultural events, film and speech therapy classes, interaction with public and state organizations)
  • The work of the musical director (correctional work, organization of festive events)
  • Comprehensive professionally oriented diagnosis and training.