Green School Project Report

Situation Analysis

  1. Programme objective: Raising environmental awareness among pupils, their parents and the staff of the Rehabilitation Centre. Upbringing of children undergoing rehabilitation at the Center with respect to nature, sense of responsibility for the future of the planet.

    Задачи программы:

    • Carry out activities on study and conservation of biodiversity, energy conservation, water conservation, waste management.
    • Informing parents about the measures being implemented in the Centre.
    • Prepare illustrated information materials on environmental topics for distribution among pupils, parents and other local residents.
    • Promotion of environmental knowledge through educational work, club activities.
    • Involve pupils in the tasks for the proposed sections.
    • Observe the natural objects on the territory of the center.
  2. Performance level: average.
  3. Questionnaire of children and parents undergoing rehabilitation at the Center, talks on environmental issues, photo presentations, circle activities.
  4. Program Implementation Action Plan: Continue the work on the Green Schools Program and increase the number of completed tasks for each project section.