Personal reception of citizensWritten appeal


the management staff of the Republican Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children.

is on the following schedule:

Pre-registration of citizens for personal reception by phone/fax  8 017 374 58 17

    On weekends and holidays, as well as in emergency cases, you can contact the control unit by mobile phones, information about which is on watch  pnone: 8 017 281 68 03

    There are medical staff in the isolation ward 24 hours a day phone: 8 017 357 69 11


«DIRECT LINE» RRCDC – pnone: 8 017 352 97 54,  8 017 374 58 17

Сalls are received on workdays с 9.00 до 13.00

Our website is on the Internet:

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A sample design of a written appeal:

(filled in with legible handwriting)


To a government institution

«Republican rehabilitation centre for disabled children»

Citizen(s) First and Last name

Location of residence (index,

full address)

Contact phones


The essence of the appeal is set out.





  1. ____________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ____________________________________________________________________________________

If necessary, the documents necessary for the resolution of the issue or supporting the facts set out in the appeal shall be attached.

Date                                                             Citizen's personal signature


Note: if the appeal does not contain the citizen's personal signature, the appeal is considered to be anonymous and is not subject to consideration, except for appeals containing information about a crime being prepared, committed or committed.


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